Zip A Folder In Linux

Zip A Folder In Linux – You all have to realize that a very common zip file is available on the internet and all can recognize zip files from children to parents as files that end with the .zip extension.

This zip file is mainly a filing system that has more files in one place so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the computer. Along with saving space, zip files also save considerable time in downloading and transferring e-mail software with attachments. In addition, users can maintain privacy at the same time which requires them to first encrypt files before protecting them with a password. Use of zip files is almost clear to while file can be extract or de-compress to view the file store separately.

Then how to zip files on Linux, this compress tool is available for every operating system including Windows and iOS, so Linux is no exception here.

Like Windows that has programs that Winzip for zip files, the Linux operating system also has this zip and unzip programs, but they are not installed on the OS by default. You need it on Linux, we must first do the process of installation. So before you know tutorial how to zip files on Linux, it’s important to know how you can do the first. Here’s the Zip A Folder In Linux tutorial that you can follow easily.

Zip A Folder In Linux

  1. Install zip on Linux

Install command for CentOS

  • yum install zip -y

Ubuntu / Debian

  • apt install zip –y
  • How to make a zip archive

The command to create a .zip archive file

  • zip my file

create a zip folder archive

  • zip -r my archive. zip folder

make zip archive for multiple files and folders

  • zip -r archive file1 file2 folder1 folder2

Based on experiments, creating archive files with zip and tar, the file size produced by tar is more extreme (smaller) than zip, along with the comparison:

10240 OK

171 oke.tar.bz2

170 oke.tar.gz


Unit: bytes

  • how to extract zip files on Linux. The first step, install unzip

For CentOS

  • yum install unzip -y

For Ubuntu / Debian Linux

  • apt install unzip -y

Command how to extract zip

  • unzip
  • How to extract in certain directories

unzip -d / directory / target /

Other information

man unzip

So that’s all. This process is quite simple, just type the command mentioned above and your file will be easily zip on the Linux platform. Thus information about the Zip A Folder In Linux tutorial that we can provide. We hope that this information can be useful and can help resolve your problem regarding Zip A Folder In Linux. Good luck!