Pubg Voice Chat Not Working

Pubg Voice Chat Not Working – Hello gamers, on this occasion we will share a little with all the gamers, how to deal with the mic error on PUBG Mobile / mic mobile pub can’t / PUBG Mobile voice chat error. But before that, let’s know a little about the PUBG Mobile game.

One of the games on Android / IOS / PC that is increasingly popular and is widely played by people from various parts of the world is PUBG Mobile. Who doesn’t know PUBG Mobile games? Surely almost everyone, like children, teenagers, adults, and even parents who play popular games on this Android.

PUBG Mobile was released not so long ago. However, the PUBG Mobile game is very fast received by the public and has now reached tens of millions of downloads in a short time. This proves that the PUBG Mobile game is indeed very good and nice to play.

For those of you who are experiencing problems with Pubg Voice Chat Not Working, see the full review below:

Pubg Voice Chat Not Working

Playing in games that are currently hits like PUBG Mobile is indeed a special attraction for people who love online games on smartphones. Playing PUBG games is really exciting. But on the one hand, there are also some obstacles experienced by people who want to play pubg mobile games such as the size of the game that is quite large, which is up to 1.5 GB more. On one side again, there are obstacles such as the PUBG Mobile Voice does not work aka can not or no sound so it sometimes makes users frustrated.

Actually there are several factors that cause voice chat to not function / mic error in PUBG Mobile. The causes are sometimes from pubg game applications, and sometimes also come from the smartphone itself. Therefore, if you experience a voice chat error and do not work, then you can apply and do some tips on how to overcome the mic error / no sound on PUBG Mobile, friend below.

1. Give permission for microphone access to the PUBG Mobile game

When you first start, you download the PUBG Mobile game, then you open the game, then you will be asked to access using a microphone. Well, at that time, maybe you pressed “REJECT” to give Microphone access to your mobile pubg game so that this is one of the causes of the mic error alias does not work. Therefore, if you ever refuse to give microphone access, then you can try to activate / activate the pubg mobile mic by going to the Application Info> Permission >> Microphone section and finally making sure you have allowed the use of a microphone on the game PUBG Mobile, friend.

2. Update the Mobile PUBG Game to the Latest Version

How to deal with voice chat errors, pubg mobile can also be done by your friend by updating your PUBG Mobile game to the newest version. At any time the PUBG Mobile game will continue to update or update. Sometimes a bug fix is ​​also a trigger why PUBG Mobile voice chat doesn’t work properly.

Therefore, one of the best solutions so that the error / voice chat error can return to normal, you can try updating the PUBG Mobile game, friend. Who knows, this can help overcome the mic that has no sound or no function that occurs when you play PUBG games.

3. Using PUBG Mobile Emulator

One solution that is also quite good for overcoming the mic error does not work on PUBG Mobile is by using PUBG Mobile Emulator on a PC. Although to install it takes quite a long time, playing PUBG Mobile Emulator games on PC will certainly be much more different and guaranteed far from any mic problems. But before playing, make sure if your microphone or laptop microphone (if you use it) works well or is compatible with your computer.

4. Activate the Microphone Symbol in the Lobby

One reason that might also be the reason why Microphone doesn’t work in PUBG Mobile is not turning on the Microphone symbol in the Lobby.

If you can see other player microphones flashing in the lobby, that means the players are talking. However, if you can’t hear even talk, that means something isn’t activated. You can try to turn on the microphone first. For how to turn on the microphone in PUBG it is also quite easy aka very easy.

To be able to speak in the PUBG game, you have to click the Microphone button in the bottom right of the screen. Sometimes there are problems with the cellphone and server, the microphone button cannot be pressed / clicked. Therefore, you can rotate the smartphone 180 degrees and try to activate it again.

5. Make sure the headset is properly connected

If you feel that voice chat doesn’t work on PUBG, friend, maybe the problem is with your headset. Maybe your friend’s headset isn’t properly installed or the cable is damaged. Therefore, you first check whether your friend’s headset is installed properly. Or if needed, you can pull it out first and then reconnect it.

6. Reinstall

This might be the last solution you can do if your voice note or mic is still an error or not working. You can delete the game first, then download the Mobile game again, friend. This way of dealing with voice chat does not work might consume a large amount of data. Therefore, we recommend that you install it using wifi only and this might save you more data.

That is some way Pubg Voice Chat Not Working in PUBG Mobile game that you can try. Hopefully this can help all of you friends who are in trouble in solving this voice chat error problem. Good luck.