Pubg Test Server Closed Connection

Pubg Test Server Closed Connection – Player Unknown’s Battleground game or we callled PUBG is game MOBA that popularized the “Battle Royale” with the surviving to the end. And against 100 other player in PUBG from all the world. Even though concept from this game PUBG already, but PUBG Game is made it explode in 2017.

Luckily recently Tencent as a publisher has released PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately PUBG from the beginning was also famous for the emerging bug problems, as well as for this mobile version.

Some users complain about an “Internet Error” error bug. Please check your network and try again. “This problem arises when starting the PUBG Mobile application and indicating that there is a problem on the internet network. The following is information about the Pubg Test Server Closed Connection, which we have summarized. Follow the tutorial below:

Pubg Test Server Closed Connection

According to the report, the error message appeared due to the oddity of the DNS user either manually or automatically from an ISP or cellular service provider. For those of you who are affected by the problem, how to overcome it is quite easy, like the following steps.

How to Overcome PUBG Mobile Internet Error

1. Download the Betternet VPN application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

2. Run the application after the download is complete.

3. Click the Connect button on the main page.

4. You will automatically be connected to the VPN network and seen from other countries.

5. If the PUBG Mobile application is still running, close it first and then run again.

Voila! By following these steps should the Internet Error problem in PUBG Mobile be resolved and you can play smoothly. You can also use other VPN applications because mainly this problem arises because DNS is used on the device.

In the future this problem will probably be resolved through an update and a fix that will be given to the PUB Mobile game in the future. However, as long as you haven’t patched it, you should always use this method to avoid the errors experienced by many of these players.

PUBG itself even broke the record for the number of players reaching 3 million people simultaneously. So from that do not be surprised if at this time there have been enough other games that want to follow in the footsteps of PUBG’s success, especially in the mobile market which also wants to feel the sensation of playing Battle Royale.

Turn off the signal, then turn it back on

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Login problems often occur due to problematic signals. To overcome this, try turning off the signal on your smartphone, then turn it on again.

You can actually restart the smartphone. By restarting, the smartphone will start all processes from the start and automatically search for new networks.

Restarting the smartphone can also overcome various problems that arise besides the lost signal.

You can also choose networks manually, by going to Settings -> Network & Connections -> Mobile Network -> choose Operator -> Select Automatically.

The smartphone will try to connect to the network that has been detected.

So some information about tips and also the PubG Test Server Closed Connection tutorial, which you can try easily when playing PUBG games. We hope this information can help you when playing PUBG. You can share this information with your friends too. Hopefully useful and good luck guys!