Pubg Failed To Initialize Steam

Pubg Failed To Initialize Steam – Tencent Gaming’s PUBG Lite PC can already be played, but there are still many problems or crashes while running this game.

Since its release today, Thursday, the game has received a warm welcome from fans of the Battle Royal game because this game is like a simplified version of the PUBG steam.

This makes the enthusiasm of players who have PCs or laptops with low specifications can play the potato version of PUBG PC. However, there are still many problems running this game on their PC.

Following is the information that we have gathered for troubleshooting when running this game. See the tutorial and tips about Pubg Failed To Initialize Steam, below:

Pubg Failed To Initialize Steam

1. Crash on the launcher

One of the most prominent things that annoys PUBG Lite PC users is the failure of the launcher function in launching this game.

Here’s how to fix it:

– Check the firewall settings and Windows Defender if the launcher fails to start

Turn off then restart the firewall and Windows Defender if there are still problems in the game launcher.

– Reload the launcher and click “Check & Repair” and wait until the process is complete

– Download Microsoft Visual C ++ and .NET Framework 4.5.2 from the official Microsoft page.

Because PUBG Lite PC requires DirectX 11 to run, eat make sure the graphics card or DirectX update to the latest version or that supports the level 10.0 feature.

Those who use NVIDIA graphics cards must update the driver to the latest version.

2. Crash when running the game

The developer has outlined the following steps that can be followed to reduce the occurrence of problems:

– Make sure your network connection is safe and running without other applications or other devices connected to your PC.

– Check if you have enough hard disk storage space in the folder where you installed the launcher.

– Close all other applications before playing.

– Restart the PC before playing.

With this quick fix, PUBG Lite PC hopefully doesn’t crash as often as before.

However, because this game is still OBT or Open Beta Test, it can be ascertained that there will often be bugs or crashes without obvious reasons.

When you find a bug or crash, you can report the problem via this link.

How to Download and Register PUBG Lite PC

Unlike the paid Steam version, PUBG Lite PC can be played for free.

The game which initially underwent a trial period in Thailand, finally today, Thursday (02/14/2019) can be played in Indonesia.

Here’s how to download and register for PUBG Lite PC account:

1. Register your email

First, register your email first through the page, then fill in your details completely.

2. Confirm email

PUBG Lite will send a confirmation email to your email inbox.

3. Download the PUBG Lite PC installer

The final step is to download the installer via the official PUBG page

follow the steps above in the order, so you can resolve the issue of Pubg Failed To Initialize Steam. We hope this information can help and can also be useful for PUBG players. If you have other suggestions or methods, you can tell in the comments column. Good luck, thank you.