Pubg Best Settings For Visibility

Pubg Best Settings For Visibility – At present, playing games no longer have to wait to have a fast PC or even buy an expensive console. Smartphones today have become an option in playing games. This is because the graphics capabilities of smartphones have increased compared to previous years.

In addition, the price of smartphones is of course much cheaper than game consoles. Apart from playing games, smartphones can also be used to work, communicate, and take photos. Even so, of course, a smartphone today cannot be matched with the quality of the console and PC.

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Pubg Best Settings For Visibility

The developers themselves have realized that they can reap more users and revenue by entering the smartphone market. Therefore, many developers are porting their games to the Android platform. For example, the Unknown BattleGround Mobile or PUBG Mobile game player.

Talking about PUBG, of course we all agree that this mobile version has good graphics, for small device sizes. With existing graphics, of course generated by large files. So that it requires more storage space.

And speaking of graphics, there is one thing that is enough to make a lot of people upset. Smartphones purchased at a high enough price can only run at low settings. Even though the GPU is capable of running higher image settings.

In the normal way, the PUBG system will refuse when we choose two higher settings. However, this can now be overcome with several applications. Two of them are GFX Tools and Battleground Advanced Graphic Tool (BAGT).

With these two tools, players can make higher graphics settings. In addition, the desired resolution can also be set (except UltraHD on most smartphones). Another unique thing is that we (in the end) can choose to use Vulkan compared to OpenGL ES 3.

Vulkan itself was allegedly able to improve game performance. This is because Vulkan immediately gives commands to the GPU. In addition, the latency on the Vulkan API is also smaller so it is more quickly accessed.

To be able to play with better graphics, just download one of the two applications. As an illustration, we will use GFX Tools to play with PUBG Mobile version 0.6.

• GFX Tools: For simplicity, here is an explanation of the options in GFX Tools

• Select Version: Choose the version of PUBG that is on your Android smartphone.

• Resolution: The desired resolution. The smaller, of course makes GPU performance better. If your smartphone has poor specifications, choose the bottom one.

• Graphics: Whether or not the images in the PUBG game are determined on this one option. Choose So Smooth if you use a smartphone with low specifications, and choose HDR if your smartphone has high specifications. Remember that the higher the choice, the lower the frame rate.

• FPS: Determine the highest frame rate. Even so, choosing 60 FPS does not necessarily allow you to play at the frame rate.

• Anti-Aliasing: This option will make all the curves in the PUBG Mobile graphics become smoother. Of course, this will affect the frame rate.

• Style: This option will adjust color and saturation during game play. This option has no effect on GPU performance.

• Shadows: Shadows in PUBG games often provide benefits. Even so, removing shadows means reducing the GPU load which ends at a higher frame rate.

• Graphics API: Select the desired API. On new smartphones that already use Android Nougat, there’s no harm in trying to use Vulkan. For an output smartphone two years ago, choose the same as OpenGL ES 3.1. The rest, please select OpenGL ES 2.0.

When you have finished selecting, just click Apply, and run your game. If later seen in the settings menu, the settings used in the application should have been selected. Have a nice play!

By using the best settings, of course you can play more comfortably. The most important thing you have to pay attention to is getting enough frame rate (fps) to prevent your game from being damaged. Of course you don’t need to be too full of these guides, do a little modification to suit your convenience.

Finally, familiarize yourself with this new setting until you find the settings that are right for your style of play. Good luck eSports friends! Next, do you want the settings for the game to be discussed? Semoag information Pubg Best Settings For Visibility can be useful, good luck 🙂