How To Transfer Data Games From Android To Android No Root

How To Transfer Data Games From Android To Android No Root – Backing up data and applications on your Android is an important thing you must do. Because you never know when a serious problem will hit your smartphone so you have to do a factory reset.

Although you can backup the application using Clean Master, but it’s complicated if you have to manually install one by one the application? Realizing the importance of that, we will provide a way to easily backup and restore all Android applications without root.

This time we will provide a way to backup Android applications that have not been rooted. For those of you who are afraid to root for security reasons or are afraid of losing your warranty, using tips from Us this time you can easily backup and restore Android apps. Without having to install the manual one by one again. Follow the tutorial How To Transfer Data Games From Android To Android No Root, below:

How To Transfer Data Games From Android To Android No Root

If Titanium Backup requires your Android to be rooted, then for those of you whose Android isn’t root can use Helium – App Sync and Backup. This application made by ClockworkMod allows you to backup applications to SD Card or to cloud storage. Here’s how to use Helium to backup application data on your Android.

• Install Helium – App Sync and Backup

Previously, in order to be able to backup and restore applications on Android without root, first install the Helium application – App Sync and Backup on your Android. You can use the link that we provided below to download the Helium apk directly from your Android. Quiet, apk available on JalanTikus, guaranteed to be safe from malware threats.

• Install the Helium Desktop Installer

To be able to use Helium – App Sync and Backup, you must first activate the features via the computer. Depending on the computer device you are using, please download the required software via the Helium Desktop Installer download link.

Oh yeah, for those of you who are lazy to install new software, you can also use the Helium Backup extension in the Google Chrome browser. The trick, install the extension via the Helium Backup extension link, or look for it on the Chrome Web Store.

1. How to, install the Helium Desktop Installer software on your computer. Then open Helium on the computer.

2. Activate USB Debugging on your Android device through the Developer Options. Also read How to bring up Developer Options on Android.

3. Connect your Android device to the computer. Then wait for the activation process of the Helium feature to finish.

• How to use Helium – App Sync and Backup

After activating Helium – App Sync and Backup on your Android, then you can start to backup Android without root. How:

1. Open the Helium application – App Sync and Backup on your Android. And here you will be faced with the choice to choose everything, or you can also do it by manually selecting it.

2. To manually select which applications will be backed up, you can do this by swiping on the backup tab. Then select the application to be backed up.

3. If you select all applications, you can simply select Select All.

4. You can set whether to be backed up by Helium is the data only, or also along with the application file. If only the data, you will have a small backup file, but you have to re-download the application before restore. We recommend a full backup, not just the data.

5. Next select Backup. Before doing a backup, you will be faced with a choice for the backup storage location. Can be in Internal Storage, External Storage or Cloud Storage. You can also do a Backup Schedule.

6. Please wait until the backup process is complete.

After the backup, we recommend moving the backup results to the memory card or to the computer just in case. In addition, if the backup file is stored internally, it will certainly take up your smartphone’s storage space right?

• How to Restore Using Helium – App Sync and Backup

If you have done a backup, then you will be safe doing a factory reset if at any time a problem occurs on your Android. You just have to restore if you have done a factory reset or data. To restore using Helium – App Sync and Backup, the easy way:

1. Enter the Restore and Sync tab in the Helium application on your Android.

2. Select the storage location that you use to save your backup file. Is it internal storage or Cloud Storage.

3. Next, select any application that will be restored, or you can also restore all backed up applications at once.

4. Wait until the restore process is complete.

If you feel complicated because you have to download software on your PC to restore your application, try backing up without the next root.

How to Back Up Android without Root

If you feel the way to back up applications using Helium is too complicated, you can also do backups using Google Drive! To be able to backup applications without root you can use the App Backup Restore Transfer application. This method is much easier and less complicated.

How To Backup Android Using Google Drive Without Root

• The first step, please download and install the App Backup Restore Transfer application

• The second step, select the application you want to backup. Can be part or all of the applications on Android

• The third step, select the Google Drive menu at the bottom right and Log in to your Google Drive account. Create a Gmail account first if you want to use Google Drive, guys!

• The fourth step, just wait for the upload process to finish to Google Drive

How to Restore Applications from Google Drive

• First step, open a Google Drive account on PC / Laptop

• The second step, select the application you want to restore to your Android

• Third step, download the application to your PC.

• The fourth step, move the file that you downloaded earlier to your cellphone using USB.

• Done, Now you can backup and restore apps on your Android anytime!

What? Easy isn’t it How To Transfer Data Games From Android To Android No Root? This way, you don’t have to bother installing the application manually again if you have wiped data or factory reset. Good luck!