How To Tell If Someone Reads Your Text on Android

How To Tell If Someone Reads Your Text on Android – WhatsApp users certainly already know this. A black check means the message has been sent; two black ticks have been received; and two blue ticks have been read.

This feature is actually a WhatsApp advantage because the sender can know whether the message is read or not. However, for some people this feature is considered too excessive and violates privacy. Because, for certain reasons, there are times when we do not want to know the message has been read. Is not it? Here are tips on How To Tell If Someone Reads Your Text On Android, on chat applications or on email.

How To Tell If Someone Reads Your Text On Android

However, have you ever had trouble contacting a friend who deactivated the Read receipts alias blue check feature. Not to mention, the Last seen feature is also turned off. Makes us wonder whether he is not holding a smartphone or is deliberately ignoring you and does not want to be disturbed. To make sure, Jaka has a new trick to find out whether your message is read or not, even though the WhatsApp blue check is turned off. How to?

First step

To find out for sure whether your friend reads your WhatsApp message or not, how to send a voice recording. Maybe he reads every message you send. So, when you send a voice message and your friend plays the message. Then two blue ticks will still appear no matter even though the Read receipts feature has been turned off. With this, whether or not he deliberately ignores you or not. Don’t rush away first, there is one more way.

Second way

You need to know, the Read receipts feature only applies to private messages. Read-receipt for all messages sent in group chat will always be active. So, there is no need to send voice messages to group chat. Just type a word or sentence into the group where your friend was. You can see who has seen your message, including that friend. If he reads your chat in the group, he deliberately ignores personal chat from you.

That’s how you know your message is read or not even though the blue check is turned off. To be honest, the features presented by WhatsApp are, of course, to spoil the users. Just how you as a user adjust it to your needs.

Furthermore, on Facebook, BBM and Whatsapp, there are many features in sending messages. one of them is when we send a message, there will be a notification whether the message sent has been read or not. as we know this feature is not available on Gmail and Yahoo.

When you send a very important email to friends, family or clients, surely we want to know whether the message we sent has been read or not. This will be very annoying if we need a reply as soon as possible. different from other message sending services such as whatsapp and BBM, which can provide direct notifications about the messages we send. to solve this problem the following ways to check the e-mail sent is read or not

1. Using the RightInbox extension on Chrome:

• For those who use Google chrome we can install the Rightinbox extension

• Once installed on Google Chrome, open the Inbox in Gmail

• Then there will be a notification about the extension that was just installed, click continue to start

• Now try writing the message and entering the recipient’s email. Click Track and send the email

• When the recipient reads the e-mail sent, we will get a notification as shown below

2. Using BananaTag:

Bananatag is one of the best ways to check e-mail sent to Gmail and Yahoo

• Live register here for free Clicking here

• then just install the Bananatag extension on your browser

I hope this article can solve your problem and if there are questions please comment below. Do you have a unique story, share it in the comments column? Hopefully the How To Tell If Someone Read Your Text On Android tutorial can help solve your problem 🙂