How To Shutdown Linux

How To Shutdown Linux – Often in certain activities our laptop needs to carry out activities that are long enough, such as downloading files from the internet, compiling programs, or installing a program. Whereas we cannot stand by to wait for the process to finish but we also do not want to let our laptops live continuously. So the solution to these problems is to schedule our laptops to turn off automatically. Here are 5 ways you can do Linux How To Shutdown.

How To Shutdown Linux

1. Using the Autopoweroff Application

The first way is to use the autopoweroff application, with this application we can easily schedule our laptop to die in a certain time, or even stand by, hibernate and also reboot.

Installation for Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt install python-gi

$ cd / tmp

$ wget…

$ sudo dpkg -i autopoweroff-3.0.0-1.noarch.deb

$ sudo apt install -f

Autopoweroff application appearance. There are two tabs, the first is Status & Commands and the second is Configuration.

In the Status & Commands tab you can enable or disable the poweroff, suspend, reboot and hibernate commands.

While in the Configuration tab, you can set to do certain commands at certain times.

2. Using the QShutdown Application

The second is to use the QShutdown application. This application is quite simple, also lightweight, and has an icon that is quite unique and funny. Its function? Complete function. You can turn off your linux automatically with this application.

The way to install it is quite easy, if you use Ubuntu you can just do the following command:

$ sudo apt install qshutdown

3. Using the GShutdown Application

The third application is to use GShutdown. With this application you can do several options. Like capturing a computer, resetting a computer, or ending a session that is currently active. For your own time, you can manage it flexibly.

4. Using the Terminal

One of the simple and easy ways to turn off a computer on Linux is to use the shutdown command.

You can do this with the following command:

shutdown -h time

For your own time, we can use many formats. The easiest, you can write now so that the computer will immediately die right away.

shutdown -h now

Or you can also define a time span in minutes.

shutdown -h 120 # the computer will turn off within 120 minutes

You can also define the time in hh: mm format as follows:

shutdown -h 12:30 # the computer will turn off at 12:30

In addition to turning off the computer, you can also restart the computer. You can just change the -h flag above with -r.

shutdown -r now

How to Shutdown and Restart With Terminal I will also share Shutdown tips and tricks and automatic restart at the terminal, oh yes I tried it on

– Linux Mint 17.2

– Cinnamon desktop

Shutdown and Restart commands with this terminal can also be used on other Linux distributions. How to automatically Shutdown and Restart this version of the GUI (not text) You can try this Application to alternatively use Terminal:

• Qshutdown

• Kshutdown

• Gshutdown

How to Shutdown and Restart with Terminal?

1. Open the Terminal / Console

2. Type the command you want to use. You can see the commands below:

1. Shutdown

A. Shutdown with Terminal

sudo shutdown -h now

B. Automatic shutdown at certain times with Terminal

sudo shutdown -h +5

meaning we will shutdown waiting 5 minutes

C. Automatic shutdown with the clock specified by Terminal

sudo shutdown -h 10:00

this means we will shut down at 10:00

2. Restart

A. Restart with Terminal

sudo shutdown -r now

B. Automatic shutdown at certain times with Terminal

sudo shutdown -r +5

meaning we will restart waiting 5 minutes

C. Automatic shutdown with the clock specified by Terminal

sudo shutdown -r 11:10

this means we will restart at 11:10 or 10 minutes

Note: to cancel the automatic shutdown and restart command you can try two ways, namely when the Terminal is not closed and has been closed:

• If the Terminal is still open, press the Ctrl and C keys simultaneously

• If the Terminal is closed then open Terminal again and type


There are many ways you can automatically turn off the computer on Linux, there are several GUI-based applications. Can be easily installed and used. Or you can also use CLI-based applications through the terminal using the shutdown application. From various ways, you can choose which method you like the most. Hopefully the information on the How To Shutdown Linux tutorial can be useful for you. Good luck!