How To Show Fps In Pubg

How To Show Fps In Pubg – maybe some pubg mobile game players are confused whether the graphics quality of their pubg mobile plays is 60 fps or not, this is because there is no fps meter on their Android cellphone so they find it hard to know how many FPS graphics are played.

Incidentally, I play pubg mobile using the xiaomi black shark, the latest firmware update is complete with fps meter or fps monitor, in other words, we can see the quality of the fps game that we are playing.

with the fps meter, it is easier for me to change and test the pubg mobile graphics settings to get a 60 fps quality frame rate. after being foxed it finally found 60 fps stable when playing pubg mobile. Here we summarize the tips for changing the How To Show Fps In Pubg:

How To Show Fps In Pubg

please open the settings menu then select graphics, then how to set the mobile fps 60 pubg on your android phone

• select Smooth Graphics

• Extreme frame rate

• Free Style I personally choose soft

• anti aliasing select Disable

• Brightness is free, I personally choose 150%

• Auto-adjust graphics, select the mobile phone 60 fps, the latest Android phone settings

After testing several game graphics settings, you must choose smooth with the new Extreme frame rate of 60 fps frame rate. I’ve tried choosing the highest graphics pubg mobile HDR average frame rate of 40 fps.

Now my pubg mobile uses the graphics settings above to get 60fps and the image quality is smoother.

Note: the above is a personal trial using the Android Snapdragon 845 cellphone and GPU Adreno 630. I can’t guarantee if you choose to use the same graphics settings as above on an Android phone that has a lower specification, it still gets a 60 fps fram rate.

Addition: there are two reasons for the lag 1 because the cellphone specifications are still low and the second because the network quality is lagging and broken. Pay attention to the ping in the lower right corner when playing public games, the lower the ping the better.

How to Unlock 60 FPS with the GFX Tool

1. Well, the first thing you have to do is unlink Facebook or your ID account from the game. You can go to the Settings menu, then select the Basic tab, there will be an Unlink Account there.

2. You only need to unlink if you previously used the Original ID used to play.

3. After that Log Out or exit the game by clicking the Log Out button.

4. You will return to the start menu when you want to play PUBG Mobile. Choose Facebook and enter the Log In menu

5. In the Log In menu, don’t go straight in! But choose Create Account to open the Browser at Tencent Gaming Buddy like other emulators!

6. In the search section above the browser enter the following link:

7. The link will take you to the APK download site from the GFX Tool which will be able to add to your FPS! Download the APK!

8. After finished opening the results of the download and run the installation. If you want to see the results of the download, you can drag the top part of Tencent Gaming Buddy down, so the menu opens like on Android.

9. After installation, open the GFX Tool application by clicking Open.

10. If you already pressed Done, another way to open this application is to see your Lobby Tencent Gaming Buddy. There will be an empty box with the Play button. Press the Play button to open the GFX Tool.

11. Congratulations! Now you have installed another application on the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator! This GFX Tool application is an application that only changes the settings made by the developer, so you can use 60 FPS in your game. For the settings you can see in the picture above! After that you can click Run Game to run it!

So some information about tips and also the How To Show Fps In Pubg tutorial, which you can try easily when playing PUBG games. We hope this information can help you when playing PUBG. You can share this information with your friends too. Hopefully useful and good luck!