How To Send A Video That Is Too Large On Android

How To Send A Video That Is Too Large On Android – Actually, how to send large-sized photo or video files via Gmail or Yahoo email doesn’t need to be confused. As long as you follow what I will share the following, if you still fail to send the file via email, follow here or maybe you still don’t understand.

If you already know how you can also send large size videos via email or with a Google account on Android. After all, it’s not much different, we will take advantage of free facilities from Google the maker of the file sender maker.

You know, the company with an internet base always complements what is needed by Android smartphone users. Because to send an email with file attachments larger than 25MB it can’t be directly, so the alternative is to use this application!

Curious about using what application to send large files via email? See the following tips and also the How To Send A Video That Is Too Large On Android tutorial, which you can do easily.

How To Send A Video That Is Too Large On Android

this is Google Drive, What is Google Drive? This Drive application from Google is usually the default application on an Android phone or tablet that is used to store files online. If you already know, it’s good to just upload files to Google Drive and then send it by sharing via an email account (Yahoo / Gmail), Whatsapp social media account, and maybe using Facebook.

This method can also be used to send email videos via Yahoo on our Android cellphone. The problem is we will just direct to use what application, whether it’s your email or social media application. If yesterday already created a Google Drive account to save the file, now we continue the send-send email guide.

Later it can also be used to send job application emails, send assignments to lecturers’ e-mails, if by chance your iPhone users can also download Drive in Appstore and start sharing videos to your friends just by email.

Examples of Ways to Send Via Gmail Files

Okay, guy, if you have read the info above, let’s follow here, how to send video files via email on an Android phone, which of course uses Google Drive.

1. Look for Drive applications that have been installed since you bought the cellphone, if you don’t have one, please download it on the Play Store, the Drive application icon like this please open Google Drive!

2. Immediately insert the video into the Google Drive application or a photo file from the cellphone gallery, wait for the process to finish because this depends on the size of the video file uploaded and your internet speed is also very influential. How to upload files to Drive press the plus sign see the picture below if it still fails to upload see the settings at the top link!

3. When done, continue by touching the colon below the video.

4. Well, this is where a number of Drive menus will appear to share with friends, but because we will send these video files via email, press Share link.

5. It appears like this picture right? if yes hunt aim to use what application. Because I will send via email I choose the Gmail application, from this step you can also share to friends via Whatsapp, Line, FB, Yahoo Email etc.

6. If it’s like that, we automatically enter Gmail email on the Android phone. You just fill in the destination email in the To column. Don’t forget to write a friend’s email or teacher using the sign @ or @

7. When you are sure everything is right now you press the Send sign. If it has been successfully sent we will be taken back to the Drive application.

Giamana How To Send A Video That Is Too Large On Android is quite easy right? from here you have succeeded in utilizing the Google Drive application feature to send large size videos or files via Gmail email. This drive provides online file storage (cloud) so your data files remain safe. Remember, we are only given 25 Gb free for one Google account (Gmail). Hopefully the How To Send A video that is too large on Android, can help solve your problem on how to send a video that has a large size capacity. Follow the steps in the order, good luck!