How To Download Kali Linux

How To Download Kali Linux – Hello everyone this time I will teach you to download Kali Linux 64 bit. Immediately you follow the How To Download Kali Linux tutorial below:

How To Download Kali Linux

1. You have to download IDM first because there are large Linux files so you have to download IDM so that it doesn’t fail download the link if you can copy it to Google

2. Enter the official Linux web site, the link is if there is an Adfly skip

3. then select the 64-bit example file that is beside this

4. But before using IDM for Chrome or Mozilla then wait for it to finish

5. and install FINISH.

Easy way to install Kali Linux. Linux is an open source operating system or you can say it’s free. This operating system is backtrack version 6. Then why is backtrack version 6 replaced with linux times? because basically times Linux is based on debian while backtrack is based on ubuntu. the latest version of Backtrack is Backtrack 5 R3 which was released in August 2012.

You could say Kali Linux is a reincarnation of Backtrack, where Linux distributions are widely used for the purposes of penetration and testing of computer system security. More than 300 tools penetration installed on Linux times and ready to use. Interested in using Kali Linux? I wrote the following tutorial on How to Easily Install Kali Linux

How to Install Kali Linux

Materials needed :

1. Bootable Kali Linux Flashdisk or Kali Linux DVD Installer

2. Complete PC with minimum specifications:

• Minimum 512MB RAM

• Processor Min Intel Pentium 4 x86 or x64

• VGA 128MB

• Minimum hard drive with a capacity of 10 GB

Steps for installing Kali Linux

1. Turn on or restart the computer, and enter BIOS.

2. Then Setting the First Boot USB Drive if using the Bootable Flashdisk, and Select the CD / DVD Rom if installed via the DVD Installer.

3. Select Graphical Install, here install it using graphics to make it easier. Like this by installing Windows 7.

4. In Select Language, choose English (English), and if you want to use a language other than English, you can. Then click Continue.

5. Select Your Location, choose your location now. Then Continue

6. Configure locales, if there is no Indonesia, just choose United States

7. In Configure the Keyboard, the key map to use it select American English

8. Wait a minute, the Load Installer process

9. Fill in the Hostname

10. The domain name can be filled or not.

11. In the Set up password fill in the root password, and the password must be remembered so that later when logging in there is no confusion as to what password.

12. Configure the clock, choose according to your time zone. For example, my time zone is Western

13. Here the most important part in the installation, if you do not want to be difficult – it is difficult to divide the partition just select Guide – use entire disk. But remember! if the hard drive has important data, it’s best to backup first, the time all data will be formatted in this mode. And here because you want the data on the hard drive not to be deleted, then I choose to share the partition manually.

14. Here I have a 16GB hard drive, and I want to share it.

15. Select Create New Partition

16. Here I use 10 GB for the root partition. Capacity does not have to be the same as mine, it can be arranged as you want

17. Because for the root partition, select Primary. The BIOS boot process will only read the hard disk partition using Primary type

18. And select Beginning

19. Use as select select Ext 4 journaling file system, and select Mount point.

20. If it’s done, select done setting up partition.

21. Select Free Space Partition, Create new partition.

22. Then fill in the capacity of the Swap partition. Swap partitions here have a capacity of 2 times the size of memory (RAM). Example: If 1 GB of RAM, use a 2 GB Swap partition.

23. Then choose logical, and the beginning.

24. In use as, select swap area

25. Done Setting up partition

26. The steps are the same as above, select partition free space – Create new partition – Fill in the size of the partition – choose logical

27. At Mount Point select home

28. Then you will see all the partitions that were successfully created

29. Then select Finish partition and write changes to disk

30. Select Yes. Wait a few minutes, the installation process is in progress.

31. Use the network mirror? select No.

32. Install grubloader select Yes. Here the bootloader will work if the installed computer has more than one operating system. Eating at boot the operating system can be selected which one is run.

Instalation Complete!

That’s how to easily install Kali Linux complete with screenshots, here I use a virtual machine instead of using a computer directly. But basically the same are all the steps above. And if there are those who are unclear and don’t understand, can write comments in the comments column below. Thank you!