How To Connect Android Phone To Tv Using Av Cable

How To Connect Android Phone To Tv Using Av Cable – Almost everything can be done only through hand grip without having to waste extra energy in activities, gadgets that are actually only the needs of numbers now have become the most sought after objects in humans before there may be other objects like a game box or better known as another play station that can be connected to a television, and now a new discovery has emerged that is a cellphone we can connect to television, here we will discuss how to connect Android to a normal TV screen easily.

Indeed, on LCD television models have become a common thing if Android can be connected to your Android phone, but with various conditions starting from the mobile phone model to the TV model that you have. For those of you who are curious whether we can use convex TV as a gadget output device? Then How To Connect Android Phone To Tv Using Av Cable? Check out the article below:

How To Connect Android Phone To Tv Using Av Cable

There are a number of supporting tools that you have to prepare to begin the steps of connecting Android to normal television, and there are some notes that you must be aware of so that everything can run smoothly. There are various ways that can be done to connect Android to a TV screen, but we will only discuss three ways you can do easily and you could say the equipment you need can be obtained at the nearest electronics store.

Preparation needs to be done to begin the steps to connect the cellphone to TV first, namely, first learn the specifications of Android and TV that you have or will use. For those who want to connect wirelessly, check the Miracast feature on your Android phone, and whether there are any features on your television. And if you want to connect using a check cable, check if there is a video output port or plug on the television or Android used, then learn the type of port can it be used as a media to channel the phone screen to TV, do not get wrong when checking and purchasing cables because it can damage handphone hardware.

Maybe you already understand, that Android that has the Jelly Bean operating system, known as 4.2, has Miracast advanced features available without you having to do the install process. As with various mobile phone brand vendors that always have distinctive and different names, this screen channeling technology also has a different name, such as Samsung with Samsung Link All Share, Sony Experia with screen transitions, while on other Android phones it is often found with the name “Wireless display “.

If your Android phone has Miracast features, the next step is to look at Android support on television. If your TV does not have the Miracast feature, you are required to purchase a device called an additional dongle, which is used instead.

If all the preparations have been done and prepared properly, we will now proceed to the execution step of how to connect an Android phone to a normal TV. There are three choices that we will share that you can make as an easy way to connect your Android phone to a normal TV. Here we go!

Connecting Android to a TV Using a Cable

The first way to connect Android to a normal TV can be said to be difficult but easy, so learn well to avoid human error. There is one advantage in this process is that you do not need to discard the quota by downloading certain applications, all you need is a cable but not just any cable you can use, first check the type of cable you want to buy and use whether the ends match your Android port. Note the two types of cables below, which one fits your cellphone:

• MHL cable has 2 connectors, Micro USB to HDMI. Also make sure your Android mobile phone supports the MHL feature, because not all Androids have this technology support.

• Micro HDMI cable to HDMI. Check your cable carefully, do not misplaced the cable because it can be a serious problem on your Android device.

Steps or ways to connect your Android phone to a TV using a cable connection:

• Turn off your television to avoid overvolts.

• The second step is execution, look at the socket on the cellphone or television. If your cellphone is found to support HDMI, turn on the television whether an HDMI port is available or not.

• Turn on the TV and then move the channel to HDMI.

• back to your Android, check the option that says “HDMI Connection”. During this process, make sure your Android phone is not locked or locked.

• Adjust the Android screen with your TV screen, usually landscape mode becomes a screen setting suitable for TV. If it is suitable, please enjoy the results of your efforts.

How to Connect an HP to a TV Without a Cable in Another Way

1. Chromecast

Chromecast is a special tool from Google that can be used to enjoy internet connection and streaming multimedia content. At a glance, this tool is indeed similar to Miracast. However, Chromecast is not used for screen mirroring, more focus is to use internet access or multimedia streaming.

For those of you who don’t have a smart TV yet, Chromecast is one of the must-have tools. As for the steps below you can do to connect Chromecast to your TV:

• Please download and install the Chromecast application from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

• Take advantage of the local Wi-Fi network by activating the Wi-Fi feature on your cellphone.

• Move your TV channel to HDMI using the remote control.

• In the last step, you will be asked to enter the code that appears on the TV screen through the Chromecast application for the synchronization process.

2. Use an HDMI cable

The way to wave the cell phone to the next TV is to use an HDMI cable. This method is very easy to do because you only need to connect the port to the port on the HDMI cable only.

But, what must be considered is the cable, which is to use a micro HDMI to HDMI cable connector. Micro HDMI will be installed on your cellphone and a large HDMI will be installed on the TV. Generally TVs that have an HDMI port are the latest TV flats.

The disadvantage of seeing the display on a smartphone is its small size so that there are several activities such as watching videos that require a bigger screen to be able to witness more. By connecting the cellphone to the TV above, you can see the display of the cellphone with greater ease and speed. Hopefully the information How To Connect Android Phone To Tv Using Av Cable, can be useful for you guys!