Create A User In Linux

Create A User In Linux – Incidentally I found assignments from school about material on the Linux operating system especially Debian. Namely to create or add a new user and a new group then the user is entered into the group. In doing this I did not immediately jump into using real Linux on a laptop, but I in this practice used an operating system virtual software, Virtual Box. How do I create adduser or add a new user on Linux based on GUI? Well, I will share about how and also the tutorial for Create A User In Linux, which you can easily try.

Create A User In Linux

1. First, please open the Terminal. How to enter the terminal on Linux is to click on Accessories then select terminal or you can see the picture below. Usually the terminal is located in the upper left corner.

2. After successfully entering the terminal, the next step is to enter as root. How to enter as root is to type the su command and then press the enter key, then enter the root password. When you enter the password later the password input will not be visible after typing just press the enter key.

3. After successfully entering as root. It’s time for us to start creating a new user, the command creates a new user, namely adduser space name.

4. Enter the user password. Here you enter the user password according to your preferences, for example qwerty or what matters one word or no spaces. Type the password on Debian not visible? that’s right if we input the password. But actually it has been inputted but it is not visible or the term is hidden.

5. Enter the user password as before to confirm. Then press enter.

6. In the Full Name section fill in your name and below it can be blank and press the enter key.

7. Until later notifications appear as in the image below, type the letter y and press the enter key. After pressing the enter button a new user has been successfully created.

8. To ascertain whether the user has been successfully added can be seen or tested by means of a switch user, there will be a user name that was created earlier. How to use another user or logout on Debian 7 GUI is to click on the user name when it is usually located in the upper right corner then select Switch User.

9. After the user switch is done, there is a user option that I created earlier. Finished here you have successfully created a new user, can log in and enter the user password earlier.

And then the second task is to create a new group, and enter the user into one group. But before I made a number of new users and some of those users will be included in the group. The method is as below.

1. Enter the terminal as the root method like the first step above. Then to create a new group on the Debian 7 GUI, the addgroup command spans the group name, then press the enter key.

2. If successful, Done will appear as shown below. Next to enter some of the users that have been created is the command usermod -G. [username]. Do it repeatedly according to the number of users. Press the enter key.

3. After all users are inputted to be entered into the group. So to check whether it is valid then use the cat / etc / group command and then press the enter key. If it’s like in the picture below it means it’s been successful. Finished.

That’s the tutorial on how to Create A User In Linux and put it in groups using Linux along with screenshots or images. If there are still those who don’t understand, please comment. We hope that the Create A User In Linux information can be useful and can help resolve your problem. Follow the tutorial accordingly, good luck guys.